About us

About us

The company NATUR-PACK, a.s. is a Producer Responsibility Organization for packaging  authorized in compliance with Art. 89 par. 1. b), that ensures fulfilling of the obligations of packaging manufacturers pursuant to the Waste Act No. 79/2015 Coll.

Moreover, obligations related to the reserved packaging waste stream and non-packaging products are fulfilled by means of the Producer Responsibility Organization.

Your company is a „packaging manufacturer“, that can perform its reserved obligations  in cooperation with NATUR-PACK, a.s., if:

  • you pack or fill products into packaging,
  • you import products / goods in packaging to Slovakia,
  • you manufacture or import and sale the empty packaging directly to the user,
  • you order packing of a product  introduced by you to the market under your Trade Mark.

Our services are exploited by more than 6 thousands of companies.


We are a Producer Responsibility Organization trusted by the highest number of clients.


NATUR-PACK offers to its clients in the framework of its complex services also the following services:


As part of comprehensive services to clients, NATUR-PACK also offers:

  • Recovery of Waste from products and materials subject to the levy as an alternative payment to the Recycling Fund / pursuant to Section 56 (3) of the Act No 223/2001 Coll./.
  • Complete compliance of EEE producers by the use of the system NATURELEKTRO.
  • Complete legal compliance of portable battery and accumulator producers by the use of the system NATURBAT.
  • Expert consulting in the area of waste management, packaging and waste from packaging.
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